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Ajax Alpha long range systems

Updated: Apr 27

elite detectors
Image of Alpha device

Ajax Alpha long rang systems, This device has two integrated remote sensing long-range systems, enable you to identify and detect Gold, Treasures and Metals. • Alpha is the world’s first long-range detection device. It was awarded this title after having undergone the necessary experiments through the most famous treasure hunters in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and having proven its efficiency in determining targets from long distances up to 2250 meters and to 50 meters as a depth underground, and it includes the modern specifications, intelligent and operating detection systems, which is available for the first time internationally only in AJAX Alpha. • ALPHA is equipped with the most modern and advanced systems specialized to detect and locate gold, treasures and metals places from long distances. This device contains high functions that enable the user to complete the exploration of his targets at the least time and effort possible.• This device provides the user with an integrated interface search, that displays the exact target path and intelligent balance systems to carry the device and your destination as well, so it is the best device without any competitor.• This device has two detection systems: 1. Long-range detection system (Manual)2. Long-range detection system (Automatic)

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